Ladies need their own tailor


Finding a good tailor may be a difficult task to accomplish but not impossible, especially in this part of the world, where relying on a good “scissorhand” is a status symbol in itself. 

And we, ladies, do shop. It almost became a handy routine to search,- and given the actual endless possibilities-, actually always find nice and even nicer garments to buy. So here it comes our endless wardrobe and when we are finally eager to make the effort to dig in deeper layers of it, half of the tresured stuff won’t fit as it used to. Then, as a self-made searcher, the search for a helping hand starts. In this case, for a tailor in person.

As always, in my search dear Google helped me big time. Oh, and a quite outdated (if I remember correctly, from 2011) but still relevant article on the Time Out AD  about the best of the bests tailors in our beloved city. Have to tell you, I’m quite sceptical about these articles, preferring the reviews posted on forums etc coming from real time customers. But this time, had no real choice so I went with the most sympathic lady from the list.

And I wasn’t wrong, as it turned out to be a pretty good and reliable master of scissors. Here it goes, me and my adorable friend have been visiting her atelier ( sorry for my french) for a year now. 

Al Hilli Ladies Tailor, if I made you curious enough. She can make your outfits fit an elephant or a mice (no offense! just a joke!), or just having them hugging your lines and curves just like the moment you first saw yourself in the fitting room’s  already distorted mirror and thought things will always be the same (like”wise”). 

And she’s nice too, every time making sure we reach her shop, task that can be quite a mission here, as we all know. But once you’ll find it, try to save the location in every single way in your gps, just in case. 

Update: Google Maps has it as a destination, so the search has come to an end.

Happy Eid shopping (and less need for adjustments)!

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