Destination: Melbourne, Australia

melbourne travel
Brady Hotel Melbourne, Photo by Flickr

Quick layover in one of Aussieland’s major city, Melbourne. Late arrival, almost everything closed. The hotel I’m staying at is the Brady, small, centrally located, at first glance one may think we just arrived to Asia. 

This particular area of the city-, central, very close to the financial center-, is highly populated by asian nations, mostly by nice japanese people. 

And this is no joke. The hotel is a tipical condo you would find in the utterly busy Tokio.

The hotel itself has got tiny spaces all over, the use of inside spaces reminding me of the one met in the japanese capital. The room is, again, tiny and very compact, with particularly mindful design and practical use of space all over. 

Interesting, mainly because the asian creativity and indoor design skills are all hard to imitate in other parts of the world, mainly due to relatively affordable rental prices and smaller population outside of the asian countries.  

The multi-level parking house (tower), narrow streets, delicious ramen scented air,- all reminded me of the same place which is nowhere near Melbourne. 

Then I found out that not so long ago a migration process has taken place between Japan, Korea, China and the australian mainland. And it’s still on, Australia being one of the main migration destination for the above nations, Sydney being the most preferred followed by the city of Melbourne.

I do not wonder why… Australia has got its own charm, being peaceful and youthful in the same time, with a truly beautiful nature and very “green” urban system. 

The city is beautiful even though the weather is not ideal for wondering around,- it’s winter time right now, and my cozy coat is happily hanging in my closet…back in Abu Dhabi. 

Hope that next time the weather will bear with me and I’ll be able to discover even more of this lively city, discovering even more of its hidden gems. 


  1. Melbourne CBD is ok but if you want to live Melbourne the place to be is St. Kilda! Venues, live music and discos! And also a beautiful beach!
    I can be your guide for your next visit:)
    And thanks again for the beautiful flight today:)
    Andy Maggio
    P.s. Add me of FB!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hy Andy!
      Thanks for your visit, hope to see you soon in Abu Dhabi!
      I was listening to your music, and I love it! Maybe a future feature on the blog? I’m pretty sure my readers would love it as well!
      Wish you a great journey!


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