Afternoon musings: Virgin Megastore, Yas Mall

virgin store abu dhabi
Hilarious Pets Rock Plates

Looking for something uncommonly creative? Look no further, Virgin has it all…

Have to admit, Me and Virgin Megastore peacefully coexisted till now. I have had various misconceptions about the store; at first I thought it would sell Virgin Airlines stuff ( I know, I know, and I was not 5), then when I first saw it in Yas Mall, it became something suspicious. The stuff,- whatever they are selling,- actually sells. It has to be mainstream, then- again, theoretically-, as I’ve never put my feet anywhere near. 

Virgin caters for fashion lovers too
Few days back, finally, I convinced myself that I have to see what’s inside, and that can be achieved only if I step inside. Big crowd in the store, people everywhere, families, children playing on weirdly uncommon “things”. 
virgin store abu dhabi
Fashion Literature ala Virgin
Off I went to discover this whole new territory, sorry, store. In a few words: huge, creative, random and I fell in love with it, forgetting all the misleading thoughts I’ve had. 

Everywhere I look, something new, unknown yet; gadgets, fashion-, and home accesories, even american beauty products- everything that’s uncommon, creative and entartaining. 


virgin store abu dhabi
PetCube for pet addicts (Me!)
I didn’t buy much, but I’ll be back soon, that’s for sure. It’s a very entertaining store in itself, even if just for looking. I was amazed of how much interesting things can they carry.

 Inspiration is everyhere, and that ironic half smile I couldn’t help hiding… 

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