Beautify Me: The Nail Spa Abu Dhabi

the nail spa abu dhabi
The Nail Spa , Eastern Mangroves

The search has come to an end for a while. Professional? Yes. Trustworthy? Yes. Beautiful? Yes. Authentic thaibalinesemalay? Nooo! But let’s find out what all the fuss is about!

Since in Abu Dhabi, I find myself in constant search for a beauty place I can trust and it simply gives me pleasure to go to. Finding such a salon can be a bit of a challenge in Abu Dhabi due to the presence of multiple choices but still, the lack of that “something” I’ve been looking for in such a place. Thanks to the extent use of social media platorms such as Instagram which became quite popular in this area, the search is simplified, giving acces to first-hand “proof” aka photo galleries, tutorials directly from the salons itself. And what’s better advertising than a few recommendations from other beauty people… 

nail spa abu dhabi
Beauty products display

With this in mind, I sistematically looked after a new beauty spot after trying a few already but never feeling completely satisfied. Already hyped salons such as the Doll House in Dubai have been on my list for a while but because of the distance the moment of truth is yet to come.

What would be the preferences then? Quite simple and straight forward-, a place with well trained staff, professionals and pro products, a reliable and trustworthy salon where one can relax and don’t have to worry about the results. Anyways, who needs stress while doing nails, right? That’s exactly what I want to avoid, just sit back, relax, leaving work and headache at the beauty salon’s doorstep. 

With these ideas in mind, I found a beauty salon, the Nail Spa, whom no filter hashtag Instagram gallery convinced me enough to give it a try. 

Call made, appointment fixed, price also fixed based on my requests,- interesting, something I’ve never experienced ( I told you, I went all the wrong places!). The day came by and I stepped in with quite high expectations. 


the nail spa abu dhabi
Essie Eid Collection Designs
Let me start with the location. Although they have branches all over the capital, I found the one in Eastern Mangroves Anantara to be the most conveniently placed to where I live. This was my first time in General Residences area, and have to admit, it’s a very pleasant place, overlooking the mangroves and a small marina. While walking to the Salon, I passed by a Starbucks and few restaurants with nicely placed empty terraces. The beautiful surroundings already set my mood for the long afternoon that awaited me.

Stepping into the salon I was kindly greeted by the receptionists, who, in just a few minutes already escorted me to my seat, introducing the therapists and offering a refreshment. 

Until now, nothing new, right?- I would say, but all that make a place special lay in details. The display of products, the placement of seats, giving just enough intimacy to retire if you wish so. The colours, the comfort and the whole ambience gave me the right feeling, and the moment my nails started to get shape, I knew I was in the right spot.

the nail spa abu dhabi
Essie Gel Polishes

The most I like about this place is that they don’t try too hard. You won’t faint from the smell of aromatherapy “spa”, won’t get headache from “light therapy” and they won’t put your feet on plastic “rocks” just for the sake of offering something “authentic spa-like”. Not much fuss, without rain forest wallpapers and staff dressed like thai monks. Minimalist and clean design, exactly how it supposed to be. Professional staff, well aware of the product line they work with, namely Essie. I had the feeling my therapist worked like an artist, dedicated and attentive to details. 

With my finished, ultra-polished camera-ready acrylics I was then transferred to the drying station, from where I had a chance to look around a little more. This is how I discovered the Xen Tan self-tanning products, and the swedish Louise Kraigh jewellery line which I couldn’t resist, of course. Perfect product placement, what is more appropiate to a brand-new shiny manicure than a beautiful, subtle new ring?! 


nail spa abu dhabi
The Source of the Smile
No wonder, I left the salon with a big smile on my face, walking on clouds all the way to my car… Stepping into the car I was hit by the boiling heat from standing on the sun all day. 

Still, the smile is on everytime I look at my hands. 

What to say other than highly recommended.


  • Multiple locations, conveniently placed brunches all over the capital
  • Professional, efficient staff working with professional products and tools
  • Luxurious surroundings perfect for spending some time before and after the treatment (Eastern Mangroves)
  • In-house hair salon, the Marquee
  • Possibility to purchase complimentary beauty products


  • Price- slightly above the average (but totally worth in my opinion)
  • Can be crowded on certain dates ( weekends, holidays) so booking in advance is recommended
  • Lack of indoor parking spaces what can cause quite a disturbing experience especially in the boiling summer temperatures

The Nail Spa

Instagram: thenailspa_me

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