Destination: Perth, Australia

perth australia
View on Perth’s skyscrapers, Photo: Flickr

Quick trip to Perth. 

Not much to say. 
In the western part of Australia, on the shores of Lake Swan, a town where everything closes at 5:30 pm. Somehow, this place reminds me of the McLeod’s Daughters… Cowboy hats and stubborn characters. 


perth australia
Australian desert, Photo: Flickr
Of course, without any real similarity, just the feeling it gives; the banners on the side of the streets, yet unseen shaped cars (2-seated pick-ups) what take off the roads straight to kangoroo lands as soon as we pass by… I haven’t seen any kangoroo over here but I guess they could be nearby.  

hyatt regency perth
Hyatt Regency, Perth

The hotel, however, it makes up for the sleepiness and weirdness of the city, taking me back to reality in the matter of a second. It’s luxury and business oriented ambience makes me forget about cowboys and kangoroos.


hyatt regency perth
Hall of Hyatt Regency, Perth
First time arriving here I had the privilege of watching Kanye West having his training session down at the pool. Then I thought it has to be A very upscale place to stay, and boy I was right. 

Doing a quick search I learned that Hillary Clinton stayed there just recently.


hyatt regency perth
Details …
So, if anywhere, at Hyatt Regency should you stay, if ever visiting the “western” side of Aussieland… 

For the sake of cowboys and kangoroos…

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