Accomodate Me: Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai The Palm

zabeel saray
View of the center hall, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai

Once upon a time when my hometown fully covered in snow, somewhere in the land of eternal summer… 

It was right between Christmas and New Years time, my good friend came to visit me and once here, spend the New Years Eve in style. He landed in the right place for such idyllic plans. 


zabeel saray dubai
The “path” into and out from the hotel, day and night
zabeel saray dubai We made the reservation at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai, right on the Palm, yet not even picturing what awaits us-, my friend already being a high-end hotel expert.
Stepping in to the hotel left us speechless; the christmasy decor, big chandeliers and the whole atmosphere suggested luxury on another level. 


zabeel saray dubai
Christmasy decor in the hotel’s hall
I’m a classic decoration lover and this hotel was a perfect throwback to what I really appreciate ambience and servicewise. The hotel has its own style; classic decoration with a touch of arabic tradition. Distinctive arabic hospitality in authentic form.

We were greeted by our own concierge who showed us around the hotel, including all the facilities emphasizing on the ones we showed interest in-, their famous Talise Ottoman Spa, and few of the hotel’s restaurants, namely the turkish Lalezar and lebanese Al Nafoorah. 


zabeel saray dubai
Festive ambience all around
We got a personal butler guiding into the suite/room, being available at our service and ready to mentor us through our stay.

Despite visiting the hotel in a quite busy period, the crowd inside the hotel was almost unnoticeable, thanks to big halls and various possibilities to just let ourselves lost. 

The location is ideal if you’re driving as the hotel lays to a considerable distance from the city center, but ideal if your goal is to disconnect and let yourself immerged in all the surrounding beauty. 


zabeel saray dubai
Chandelier with arabic motives
The hotel’s services were impeccable at all times, however-, I think because of the seasonal business-, tiny things like ordering room service seemed to work a little bit slower.

To my surprize, the Spa could even accomodate me for a quick blow-dry on right before the big night.


zabeel saray dubai
Room view

 The room… Very spacious, decorated in the same classical and luxurious way as the hotel itself. The use of fine materials like silk and velvet just added to the already high-end feel. Fine details, well-stocked amenities in the bathroom area, having as centre point a huge ancient-style basin, my favorite element of all.

zabeel saray dubai
Bathroom basin area

Despite of all the fancy finishes, the room wasn’t overwhelming but it felt quite homie and cozy. 


zabeel saray dubai
Panoramic room view
We didn’t really have the opportunity to try the hotel’s restaurants but as far as room service goes, the dishes were very well made and delicious.

Not too much to mention about their staff apart from the usual courtesy and seemless efficiency. 

 The only thing that left us with a negative vibe was actually our mistake,- reserving a table at the Address downtown Dubai for New Years Eve, completely ignoring the fact that the room price already included the celebration at one of the hotel’s restaurants. Having realized this too late, and our friends having already made other plans, we ended up paying double for the New Year’s Eve dinner, which, considering the context, was a considerable amount. We tried our best to convince the hotel to not to hold the dinner for us, but as expected, backing up in the last minute was not an option. 

 Netherless to say (whom already experienced the New Year’s Eve madness downtown Dubai!) once reaching the downtown area, we already regretted even the idea of leaving the hotel. Too late, again. All in all the dinner and view was fantastic and worth the splurge.

Nothing left to say, only that me and my guest can’t wait to repeat the Zabeel Saray experience! True luxury with outstanding services, even if the bill can be quite heavy (in the mentioned period at least).

Excellence has always had its price.

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