Entertain Me: Cafe Arabia, Abu Dhabi

cafe arabia, abu dhabi
Welcome table setup

A place that left me impressed. Chaotic, chic and lovely. 

Few days ago my dear Friend drove me to this place called Cafe Arabia. It was a lazy wednesday afternoon, we were in the mood for something chilled and peaceful.

Cafe Arabia is located in a very peaceful neighbour, full of villas surrounded by palms-, kind of a green area of the capital. 

The sun was strong but the breeze coming from the neighbour Mushrif Park lightened the boiling heat. 

Stepping in the cafe my amusement started; huge vintage table with nicely decorated bite-size cookies on, chandeliers lightning the hallway, sights of stairs and random artwork everywhere I looked. Looking further, colourful bookshelves in the end of the hallway. 


cafe arabia abu dhabi
A corner full of treasures
What is this?-, me asking rethorically, as I couldn’t believe that such place like this could exist here. Being directed to the main “room” further surprises arised; the huge center table with stacks of old plates and dining accesories on top and a bucket of flowers. It reminded me of good old days’ family gatherings, my dear grandma preparing the dishes for dinner. The setup strenghtens the feeling of being “home”.


care arabia abu dhabi
Center table setup in the main hall
The main room is very spacious and the lights hit just in the right angle to give the place a very cozy, familiar feel. The “centre piece” is surrounded by cozy comfy sofas on the windows side and smaller tables on the wall side of the room. Vintage decor through the space. Further, more chandeliers, a whole collection of them,- so attractive for my eyes. 

We ordered a salad and a chicken dish covered in yoghurt, accompanied by the infamous lemon& mint and ice-coffee. Fresh ingredients without too much complication, and that’s exactly how we like it. 


cafe. arabia abu dhabi
Appetizing Fatteh

 On my way to the upper level I discovered a whole new world-, the staircase featuring a collection of arabic artwork ranging from paintings to photos and sculptures. More chandeliers. 
cafe arabia abu dhabi
Artwork, arabic style chandeliers

The place can be a bit overwhelming if you’re eager to discover, but in the meantime it makes a whole. The display of so many elements of different styles brings a pleasant confusion, in the same time creating a sense of harmony. 

An ideal place to have a nice conversation and a bite on a lazy afternoon. Read a book, write and get inspired. They also host book clubs and meetings. 

Can’t wait for the cooler season as the terrace is another beautiful place to hang out. 


cafe arabia abu dhabi
Pleasant outdoors
Cafe Arabia, Abu Dhabi
Villa No. 37, 15th Street, Airport Rd- Opposite Al Mushrif Children’s Park

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