Destination: Santorini, Greece I.

View of the Caldera

Has ever happened to you that something totally unexpected and unplanned led to something absolutely fantastic? I just had this experience the moment I stepped on to the island of thousand white and blue buildings…  

On a more real side, let me just start with telling you about my journey. I had my early morning flight to Athens with my beloved Etihad, followed by a prolonged layover at the airport, spending a total of 11 hours waiting for my flight to Santorini. 

Athens International is not so bad to spend some time there, especially for women like me, who can wonder around duty free shops endlessly. Also, if you desire some clothes shopping, boutiques like Massimo Dutti are ready to cater with the next season’s trends. Hours passed by and in no time was ready to board my bird and not to look further until reaching the island.

It was around 2 am when I arrived to the hotel, apparently with no one waiting for me. The reception was closed so I quickly decided to make a tour of the beautiful hotel to see if I can find someone to let me into the apartment.

So I did and who I found… Apparently a drunk men sleeping outside at a lounge table. He didn’t seem disturbed by my presence so I made a few steps more towards him until I saw some signs of interest, after all this being what I needed most. Him, seeing this stranger wondering around, quickly returned from dreaming and decided to finally engage. Then The story telling began,- I quickly told him about my journey and more importantly that I need to get in. He kindly helped me, contacted the owners who happily informed us that the apartment is ready and open for my arrival. 

In the meantime we got to know each other with “the man”, John, found out that he’s travelling with his girlfriend, that he’s an australian with greek background and that he’s a business broker with a serious fitness past from Melbourne. At a certain moment, we got up and went to explore the island. He showed me around the narrow streets of Santorini, best places to go and to take pictures at. 


Thira’s “old” streets
He made me forget about everything, we were talking and talking, then grabbed some greek pastry and a local frappe, then the night almost went away, only seeing the time on my watch throwing us back to reality. 6 in the morning, time to go back to the hotel. Off we went, that day being his last one,- we said goodbye and shared our contacts for the rest… 


Thira views
On this note, I made another friend that day, the owner of a locally well-known beauty spa, Georgos, with whom I spent the whole afternoon talking about life. 


Thira sunset
It’s easy to meet new people here if honestly interested in that. Greeks as well as travellers are very open-minded and I think I have the mindset and eternal desire to hear stories. They open new ways and give new perspectives…

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