Destination: Pyrgos, Santorini- Cava Alta Restaurant

cava alta santorini
View from the terrace, Cava Alta

Two truly beautiful restaurant, one ancient greek town, Pyrgos. The first and second most popular restaurant according to Tripadvisor. First, the second most talked about…

Cava Alta
The restaurant managed to book a table for us for the next evening. As I learned, such high demand places must to be called beforehand. 
We had the reservation from 7:30 pm and even being on the road on time we still hardly managed to get there at the time set. While driving around the island, giving yourself plenty of time makes sense. 

On our way to Pyrgos we accidentaly managed to climb the steep canyon to the main port, adding a total of 40 minutes to our trip, not to mention that I’m quite used to Google Maps’ instructions. 

Once there, we left the car near the main street, from where another, this time pedestrial journey started. Thanks to Google Maps we reached to the exact location of the restaurant. 


cava alfa pyrgos
View to the top, Cava Alta
We couldn’t believe our eyes. The restaurant is in the old part of the town, built around a Venetian fortress, laying on the highest point of the cliff. We were quickly driven to our table on the terrace. Breathtaking views everywhere we looked with the sun just about to set. I haven’t had the chance to get an insight of what’s going on indoors, but the terrace was very tastefully set. Old-style tables and chairs, set exactly for the booked number of people, with simple table cloths and small wind lights above the tables.


cava alta
View from our table
The staff is highly involved in the management of the place I guess, they proved to be very attentive and efficient through the evening. Soon after taking orders, the aperitifs arrived to our table; fresh kalamata olives, red pepper paste along with few pieces of toasted bread and ouzo, just enough to get an idea of what comes next.


cava alta
For appetizer we ordered the 3-dip plate which had two kind of spicy cheese cream along with the star, surprisingly warm aubergine cream. 


cava alta
Three kind of dips for appetizer
As for main course, I got the Santorini salad while my parents were having the pork barbeque with grilled vegetables. 


cava alta
Barbequed pork
Both dishes were excellent presentation-, and tastewise. The pork pieces were just tender enough to be fully enjoyable, without falling apart. The fresh and tasteful ingredients of the salad made it a very fulfilling dinner choice. 


cava alta
Salad with fresh goat cheese
Our dinner experience ended with the house’s gift dessert, a slice of chocolate biscuit cake glazed with cocoa sauce. Accompanying the dinner we drank the locally brewed Yellow Donkey beer. 

Once left the restaurant we let ourselves lost in the beautiful narrow “labyrinth” kind of streets of the small town which led us to the main road. 

A beautiful experience in an unforgettable setting. Highly recommended.  

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