Destination: Pyrgos, Santorini- Metaxy Mas Restaurant


metaxy mas
Inside view, Metaxy Mas
Officially the best restaurant in Santorini- according to Tripadvisor. Does it justify the “hype”?! Using Google Maps to guide us, it was way easier to find the Metaxy Mas than the Alta Cava, placed next to the main road and having a clear sign which leads to the Taverna. 

As we arrived on a quite rainy day the open terrace was closed, therefore the staff politely guided us to the inside area. To our biggest surprise stepping into the restaurant the first thing we saw was two of the chefs sitting at a table facing us, having a chilled chit-chat. 

The whole restaurant has a very nice, welcoming feel to it, just as we stepped in a greek home. To be honest I think the fact that they take reservations well in advance, added to the feel greatly. Everyone in the restaurant seemed excited and ready for a not so common greek gastronomical experience. The table next to us celebrated a birthday and once they delivered the birthday cake the whole place was loud of clapping, a nice touch for the family for sure.


metaxy mas
The greek Fava
For appetiser we ordered the famous mashed fava beans and the white aubergine in tomato sauce. As for main course, we fancied the lamb in yoghurt sauce, Santorini salad and based on the staff’s recommendation, the roasted chicken leg. To be honest, we hesitated a tiny bit over the lamb, but as proved, with no reason as it was an amazing dish, the best one of all I think. 


metaxy mas
Santorinian white aubergine in tomato sauce
As a first bite, we got fresh olives soaked in olive oil as well as a red pepper dip, very similar to what we had at Alta Cava. Of course, accompanied by the infamous ouzo. As for drinks, we got the Mythos beer.


metaxy mas
Lamb with greek yoghurt sauce
The fava was mildly seasoned, in the same time nicely flavourful. The aubergine followed our first choice, rustically presented and hot, with a very good harmony of seasonings and taste of fresh tomatoes. Despite being saucy, the aubergine didn’t get completely soaked, the dish preserving a very nice and compact consistency with perfectly roasted top.

About the main dishes I can only speak in superlatives. Let me start with the chicken leg, as this was the choice they suggested. The perfectly prepared meat came with roasted vegetables and with a small yoghurt based side dip. The meat had a subtle crust on the outside, just enough to lock in all the juicy flavours of the perfecly tenderized chicken. Again, a good harmony of flavours. The lamb was the star of the dinner, my father confessing that he haven’t had such a nice lamb prepared ever. The meat was so tender that it didn’t even need the use of a knife. The rich greek yoghurt based sauce complemented the dish, the use of rosmarin and mild oriental spices giving it a nice hint of flavor here and there. My salad came in the perfect quantity, containing big chunks of boiled potatoes and traditional greek fresh cheese.

metaxy mas
The house’s gift, yoghurt-based dessert

Our dining experience was only interrupted by occasional “runs” to the garden where we couldn’t stop taking photos. The view kept us entertained for the evening, so we quickly decided to book a table for tomorrow night. 

We are all looking forward for our next visit. 

Until then, we enjoy our remaining days of holiday.

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