Beautify: US Beauty Haul and Impressions

US must have make up products

Everytime I travel to the States I try to think ahead and make an imaginary list of products I must purchase from there. And because of the various Youtube beauty gurus I follow, the list is becoming more and more longer.

As soon as I arrived to San Francisco, I searched for the nearest Sephora store which happened to be one of the biggest stores in the area. Happier I couldn’t be. I could have bought more stuff but fortunately I managed to control myself. 
Now let’s dig into my Sephora basket.

Sunday Riley: Luna Night Oil

sunday riley luna face oil
Probably the most hyped-about face oil

Since last year I’ve been eyeing the night oils, and with the occasion of one of my visits to Washington I discovered the Sunday Riley Luna night oil, at that time due to lack of information about the product, leaving it behind. The idea somehow didn’t let me completely forget about this “miracle” product, so I stepped into Sephora with the strong desire to buy it this time. So did I. 

 sunday riley luna night oil 

The product is a light oil with quite thin and slippery consistency with a green”ish” blue”ish” tint to it. Due to the nature of the oil the packaging is a dark glass jar, very elegant and classy. It applies with a pipetta and weirdly enough once applied it becomes somehow more oily and heavy on my skin. Since purchased, I rigulously applied it every night. The effects so far are not spectacular by any means, but as an extra pampering step it’s pleasant. Is it worth the hype and price? So far I couldn’t tell but I’ll keep you updated and will make a detailed review once tested thoroughly. 

Still, the fact that it doesn’t completely absorbs into my skin before I step in to bed makes me nervous, having a weird feeling once putting my oily face on the pillow. The idea of oily stains on my pillow is not the most attractive thought…

Update: The lines on my forehead became less visible and my skin feels definitely more smooth and fresh looking. On the down side, it seems that it slightly clogs my pores, small bumps appearing here and there, mostly on my chin.
All in all, I’m quite satisfied with the performance.
Stila Waterproof Eyeliner in Black

stila eyeliner
Very thin felt tip

Since I haven’t got to travel that much to Japan, my obsession with really good black eyeliners became even more obvious. In Japan and Korea you can purchase pretty much any drugstore eyeliners, hell they’ll work perfectly. I was somewhat spoiled and never thought that finding a good eyeliner far from the asian shelves will be this big of a struggle. After many unsuccessful attempts,- Kat Von D, Inglot, drugstore-, I was ready to give up on this matter and just forget about eyeliner. Until recently watched a Youtube beauty guru raveing about the waterproof Stila eyeliner- longwearing, smudge and crease free- everything I’m looking forward in a good eyeliner. So far so good, the eyeliner applies beautifully but with the staying power I’m not really impressed. Truth is that I put it on heavy duty test wearing on a good 20 hours duty with some sleeping included. Netherless to say, by the time I reached home it was a hot, almost non-existent mess. Again, I will test it more and let you know.

Update: The eyeliner stays on pretty well, however it didn’t survive the 8 hours wear test. Anyways, this is still the best I’ve come across for a long time. 
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz brow pencil in Light Brown

 My holy grail brow product at all times. This is the second time to repurchase and I couldn’t be happier with it. Maybe a little bit more staying power would be nice, but other than that, I couldn’t find anything even comparable to it. Nice thin tip, easily glides on, the perfect stiffness of the product, not too dry and not too creamy. It’s truly worth the hype. Strongly recommend.

Velour Lashes


velour lashes
Beautifully aligned false eyelashes
I’ve been hearing about these lashes for quite some time and when I saw them on the shelves I had to pick one. They come in many different styles and shapes, with a good variety of styles. This was a completely last minute, impulsive purchase because I’m pretty much satisfied with the lashes from Huda Beauty. 

On the packaging it says the lashes are made from silk, offering a comfortable wear and natural finish. So far I wore them three times and they are really really comfortable and offer an easy and handy application due to thin and flexible lash line. I have to admit so far I’m more satisfied with these than the Huda Beauty ones. Huda’s lashes are more like a statement accessory and worn occasionally they are a pretty good choice, however as a handy everyday alternative I vote for the Velour lashes. 

Now some products I’ve been eyeing.
The oh so popular Kat Von D Lolita I and II Matte Liquid Lipstick

Sephora obviously picked up the hype around this “cult” product of KVD. Almost everyone in the store had a KVD liquid lipstick in their hands. I tried and tested them for the day and let me tell you I was quite impressed how well it performed. It survived the long shopping afternoon even after eating and drinking, and the oh creamy formula didn’t dry out my lips at all. 

Both colors are beautiful, Lolita I being a little more dark, brown”ish” with a bit of dusty rosey pink in it, while Lolita II is more orangey within the same color family. 

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