Destination: Santorini, Greece I.

   Has ever happened to you that something totally unexpected and unplanned led to something absolutely fantastic? I just had this experience the moment I stepped on to the island of thousand white and blue buildings...   On a more real side, let me just start with telling you about my journey. I had my early [...]

Destination: Colombo, Sri Lanka

   Since I first came to Sri Lanka I've been in love. Pristine post-card type beaches, with white sand the Indian Ocean. Perfect combo. Sri lanka is one of the most affordable and best value amongst the exotic island destinations. Especially compared to the thai islands, Maldives and Seychelles. I feel like the island of [...]

Entertain Me: Cafe Arabia, Abu Dhabi

   A place that left me impressed. Chaotic, chic and lovely.  Few days ago my dear Friend drove me to this place called Cafe Arabia. It was a lazy wednesday afternoon, we were in the mood for something chilled and peaceful. Cafe Arabia is located in a very peaceful neighbour, full of villas surrounded by [...]