Destination: Santorini, Greece I.

   Has ever happened to you that something totally unexpected and unplanned led to something absolutely fantastic? I just had this experience the moment I stepped on to the island of thousand white and blue buildings...   On a more real side, let me just start with telling you about my journey. I had my early [...]

Destination: Colombo, Sri Lanka

   Since I first came to Sri Lanka I've been in love. Pristine post-card type beaches, with white sand the Indian Ocean. Perfect combo. Sri lanka is one of the most affordable and best value amongst the exotic island destinations. Especially compared to the thai islands, Maldives and Seychelles. I feel like the island of [...]

Destination: Perth, Australia

   Quick trip to Perth.  Not much to say.  In the western part of Australia, on the shores of Lake Swan, a town where everything closes at 5:30 pm. Somehow, this place reminds me of the McLeod's Daughters... Cowboy hats and stubborn characters.     Of course, without any real similarity, just the feeling it gives; [...]

Destination: Melbourne, Australia

   Quick layover in one of Aussieland's major city, Melbourne. Late arrival, almost everything closed. The hotel I'm staying at is the Brady, small, centrally located, at first glance one may think we just arrived to Asia.  This particular area of the city-, central, very close to the financial center-, is highly populated by asian [...]